industrial design project —


Peripheral respiration display for office-workers

one semester, part-time

All matters in life should exist to some degree but never in abundance, and stress is no exception. Chronic stress is a significant threat to one’s physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being. Respiratory regulation has been shown as an effective way to reduce stress.

Therefore we designed a product called Respirate, to aid the office worker in maintaining a calm breathing pattern. It is a calming technology that influences the user unobtrusively and subtly to remain a calm breathing frequency by providing live biofeedback through peripheral channels.

The design consists of two items: a scale and a clip-on sensor. The scale is designed as a metaphor for keeping your breathing in balance. The clip-on sensor for your belt measures and compares your real-time breathing frequency with your calm breathing frequency . This comparison is then reflected on the scale; a balanced scale means a calm breathing frequency.

industrial design


Industrial Design - Eindhoven University of Technology


Harry van Aken, Jesse Bolk

Project coaches

Peter Peters, Rens Brankaert, Hugo Nagtzaam

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