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Interactive dayplanner for burnout patients

one semester, part-time

In a society where the main focus lies on efficiency and perfection, the individual feels an increasing pressure to strive for the highest results possible within the shortest amount of time possible. Unfortunately, for some amongst us this leads to an imbalance in their lifestyle, resulting in a burnout.

The designed product is called PENTA. It is an interactive day planner, provided to burnout patients by a psychologist.

The user is asked to plan their day ahead in the morning by rotating the ball, with selected colours indicated by lights, on the clock shaped interface. Colours, each representing a (daily) task, can be cycled through by pushing a button on the ball. Then, the ball is ought to be taken off the platform and carried. Throughout the day the colour of the ball displays the activity that was programmed earlier.

PENTA uses the user’s input on how they plan their day beforehand to provide feedback on how they spent their time. In consultation with their psychologist, users are able to gain insight on the underlying reasons that disturb the balance in their lives by reflecting on how they spend their time.

tangible interaction


Industrial Design - Eindhoven University of Technology


Veerle Heijnen, Irma Hendriks, Demi Jansen

Project coach

Javed Khan

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