bachelor graduation project —


Personalised breathing guidance for stress prevention

one semester, full-time

We live in a world where information is infinite and easily accessible via the mobile devices we carry on us at all times and everywhere. Research has shown that an overload of information can cause problems with concentration and stress-management, contributing to the increasing problem of burn-out and absenteeism.

WAVE is particularly designed to help office-workers cope with stress during their daily routine in a casual fashion. WAVE provides its user with a rhythm to adapt her own pace of breathing to. This “advice” is personalised according to the user’s physiological response to stress. Opposed to the commonly used visual display, WAVE provides feedback in a tangible manner. You really have to shift your attention to the tangible sensation, helping you to focus on your own body.

industrial design


Industrial Design - Eindhoven University of Technology

Project coaches

Prof. Loe Feijs &
Marina Toeters (

Domain expert

Bin Yu - Post-Doc biofeedback design researcher

In collaboration with

MVO Nederland
Van Ark Biofeedback en stresspreventie


International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction

Yu, B., An, P., Hendriks, S., Zhang, N., Feijs, L., Li, M., & Hu, J. (2021).
ViBreathe: Heart Rate Variability Enhanced Respiration Training for Workaday Stress Management via an Eyes-free Tangible Interface.
In International Journal of Human–Computer Interaction, 1-20.

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